Madam Chlo Lilingham, Daughter of Riuelle

Moreau da Riuelle's true love, and leader of the Seperatist's.


Madam Chlo Lilingham was the one true love of Moreau du Riuell, The Comte du Riuell, The True High King, and the leader of the Seperatist forces for most of the war against La Emousser, the Blunted Blade.

In year 1491, after the death of Sophe da Riuelle, The Grand Madame da Riuelle, and the disappearance of Moreau, Chlo organized the people loyal to the true royalty, supporters of Moreau’s ascension to the throne. It was during Moreau’s walk up the Wooded Path that Chlo commanded the combined loyalist forces against the onslaught of La Emousser at the Monasterie Riuelle. During the stalemate that La Emousser’s siege led to, Chlo udertook the walk up the Wooded Path herself, a walk which lasted six years, and ended only when Moreau came down the path to guide her out.

Madam Chlo Lilingham, Daughter of Riuelle

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