Luc da Riuell, The Chosen King, Armand VI

The High King of Riuell, exiled into his own grief.


Luc da Riuell is the father of High King Henri du Riuell, The Venerable Armand VII and Moreau du Riuell, The Comte du Riuell, The True High King, known commonly as Armand VI.

His early rule was riddled with civil war between landowners and nobles in the outskirts of Riuell. Luc became famous for intervening in these civil conflicts and squashing any party he deemed unjust under the feet of his mighty cavalry. In year 1478 Luc rode out from du Riuell to the north, and followed the borders and shores of Riuell on horseback, with his cavalry in tow, ending countless uprisings in hamlets and villages situated far from his throne. He returned in year 1482, and spent the next eight years training his son Moreau in swordplay and warfare. During this time, he left Henri’s education to the minister La Emousser, who approached Henri’s education as the beginnings of his Cardinal-ship (a life that the second son of the king was destined for.)

In year 1491, Madame Sophe da Riuelle was assassinated in the Riuelle Marketplace, as Henri as La Emousser watched on. Luc entered a self imposed exile, locking himself into his Throne room (where Madame was interred) until his eventual death of grief.

Luc da Riuell, The Chosen King, Armand VI

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