High King Henri du Riuell, The Puppet King Armand VII

The puppet king of La Emoussere


The second son of Luc da Riuell, The Chosen King, Armand VI, and Sophe da Riuelle, The Grand Madame da Riuelle. At the age of three, Henri began his education under La Emousser, the Blunted Blade, in preparation for his Cardinalship,the destiny of the High Kings second son.

In 1491, at the age of twelve years old, Henri watched The Madame da Riuelle as she was murdered in the street. After this, King Armand VI was consumed by his grief, and entered a self imposed exile within his throne room. La Emousser took control of the throne, acting under Armand VI’s orders. In 1492, La Emousser declares Armand VI dead. After a sudden and unexpected letter of abdication arrives from Moreau du Riuell, The Comte du Riuell, The True High King, Henri’s older brother, La Emousser declares Henri the true High King of Riuell, and he ascends to his fathers throne. This immediately puts Henri at odds with Madam Chlo Lilingham, Daughter of Riuelle, Moreau’s lover, and the leader of the Loyalist Regulars. Henri, overwhelmed by his sudden new duty, delegates absolute control to his minister, La Emousser.

In 1493, La Emousser begins a siege against The Monasterie Riuelle, in an effort to draw out Chlo and the Loyalist Regulars. Henri soon discovers that the letter of abdication he received from Moreau was in fact a forgery, perpetrated by La Emousser. Shocked by the betrayal of his mentor, and fearing now for the safety of his brother, as well as his kingdom, Henri escapes in the night, setting off for The Monasterie Riuelle.

On the road to the Monasteri, Henri is met by Enodius, Lillius, and Tyberios, three of his fathers former Guardsmen, now under the command of Chlo. They insist that Moreau is in no danger, having ascended the Wooded Path earlier in the year. According to Riuelle custom, however, Henri’s ascension was legitimate, making him the True High King of Riuelle. The three Guardsmen swear their allegiance to him, but demand that he make haste towards the coast, and set sail into the Vast Green Blue Sea, as La Emoussare boasts loyalty from nearly all of the remaining military forces in da Riuelle, and has sealed all of the land borders out of Riuelle. The only way to escape the country is by water, and Tyberios and Henri ride out towards the coast, and Enodius and Lillius return to Monasterie Riuelle to report to Chlo.

Henri sets sail on The Maurielle in 1494, bound for The Cape Beyond, a city built by tradesmen and merchants across the Vast Sea. During the journey, Henri experiences the Dead Sailing Ship ordeal, and is delayed in his arrival by three years. In 1497, Henri arrives in The Cape Beyond, and immediately boards The Pacheuu back across the Vast Sea, towards Matsara, a nation which borders Riuelle to the east.

High King Henri du Riuell, The Puppet King Armand VII

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